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Color Sight

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    #11 In The Psychic Sight Series

    The magician or mentalist invites a participant up and shows him a packet of cards that contains more than 20 colors. One color is written on each card. The participant selects a card and keeps the color written on it a secret. The performer says that not only will he read his mind and determine the color, but he will also project the thought-of color into anyone's mind that the first participant chooses from the audience. The participant then points to anyone in the audience and that person comes forward.

    The performer stares into the second participant's eyes and says he will try to project the chosen color into his mind. The performer asks the second person whether a color flashed into his mind. Amazingly, the person says, "Yes."

    "What color flashed into your mind," the performer asks.

    "Green," replies the second participant.

    The first participant shows his chosen color and it is indeed green!
    Performer says that may have been a lucky guess. He has the first participant chose another color. He looks into the second participant's eyes and again projects a color. As unbelievable as it may seem, the second participant again correctly names the chosen color!

    The audience will have no clue to how the second participant correctly names the correct colors twice. The person who chose the colors will be baffled and your second participant will think he is receiving psychic flashes of the chosen colors. Everyone is fooled with this version. The secret is ingenious and clever.

    A new method never used in this type of effect before.

    NO ELECTRONICS! Nothing concealed in your hands at any time.

    "Color Sight is awesome! Another winner from Devin Knight. Devin's clever thinking clearly has set the stage for new ways of performing mind reading, with this effect. IT'S WAY UNDERPRICED!!!" - Robert Marsi

    Complete with booklet and gimmicks.
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    Review by don
    Ease Of Use
    Even without a DVD it relies on showmanship as much as any thing else. I wear prescription glasses and you will see how that could be a hindrance. I simply took my glasses off to concentrate, like Kreskin always did. I used it indoors and had better results than on the open deck strolling. Remember you are purchasing the secret not a commodity. Magic historians will know this effect if they stare long enough at the cover of the pamphlet. Look dep, dep, deeper.
    (Posted on 6/12/13)
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