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Color Fusion by Nash Fung and Zenneth Kok - DVD

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    For the first time, by the originator himself, Nash Fung reveals THE method of his original


    A card is selected, signed across its face, a quarter with part of the signature is torn away for the audience to keep.

    With the remaining 3/4 card, you proceed to change the color on its back - ONE QUARTER at a time, this is done with PURE SLEIGHT OF HAND. It is so visual you swear it must be trick photography. At the end, you return the 3/4 card for inspection, the signature matches, the card matches, but 3/4 of the back is now in a DIFFERENT COLOR!!!

    This trick is performed stand up at chest height, which facilitates higher visibility for larger crowd of audience

    Ideal for both strolling and banquet shows

    Everything is examinable resulting in a truly impossible looking souvenir. This is a perfect trick to impress your spectator, they will keep this mismatched piece of art for years to come.

    • 8 Special Bicycle Stock Gaff Cards for CNR-COLOR FUSION & RESTORATION
    • Full training DVD that will guide you through every step of this effect, including multiple handlings, performance, handling tips and all the subtleties
    • An interview with Nash "the Takayama" Fung that explores more ideas and possibilities
    ...the effect is a real eye popper... -Matthew Field, Magic Circular

    ...Nash Fung's Color Fusion looks so good that your audience might believe that you are a real magician. - Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

    Running Time Approximately: 53mins
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