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Circus Giant Diabolo

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Our Price: $55.99
Product code: JS322

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    The Giant Tuning Set has been so popular that Henrys now offers it already assembled on their Circus Diabolo. The Circus Giant Diabolo is exactly as it sounds. a Circus Diabolo with a Giant Tuning Set installed on it. When purchased assembled this way you save $9 over if you purchased them individually.

    About the Diabolo:
    Henrys has designed a great diabolo which is used by professional around the world. Many consider it to be the best diabolo on earth, and Henrys engineering has been compaired to the likes of German auto makers.

    About the Giant Tuning Set
    Due to the extra wide hubs it is easier to catch and great for finger-tricks and stick-grinding, the Diabolo also becomes 15g lighter.

    Weight: 10.1 ounces (285 g)
    Length: 5.98 Inch (151 mm)
    Diameter: 5.1 Inch (130 mm)

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