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Chill by Tom Wright

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  • Product Description


    Chill is a brand new concept by underground sensation Tom Wright.

    The Effect:
    A card is freely chosen from a regular deck of cards. The card is openly lost in the deck while the spectator holds everything. Now without the magician touching anything, the cards cut themselves in the spectator's hands. The selected card then slowly crawls out the deck and immediately everything can be examined.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect addition to a card, close-up or strolling act.

    Trick Specifications:
    Precision made gimmick and instructional DVD included.

    Skill Level: Intermediate.
    Category: Card Trick.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    Well, in the beginning I had second thoughts if I should buy this product as there were no reviews on here. But I took a risk and TRUST ME!! it was absolutely WORTH it! The method is very clever and the finish is clean. you can show your hands empty and they can thoroughly examine your hands, the cards and the area around it. The gimmick is small, compact and anytime, anywhere can be set up. Set up takes less than a minute. Trust me, this is one strong haunted deck effect. (Posted on 4/2/13)
    Review by Mike
    Ease Of Use
    How Is This Presale? My Magic Shop Has This In The New Products Case. I Think This Is Cool. But Is It Just Thread? I Hate Thread Because It Always Breaks (Posted on 12/2/11)
    Review by yankeefan3313
    Ease Of Use
    You Can Do This With Loops. (Posted on 10/25/11)
    Review by Roman Armstrong
    Ease Of Use
    The Effect Is Beautiful. Imagine The Cleanest Haunted Deck In The Spectators Hands!!! Well, This Is It. It Ticks All The Boxes Except One. Instant Reset, Impromptu (Ish), Any Deck At Any Time And Everything Is Examinable. The Only Box It Doesn'T Tick Is It'S Difficulty. I Find It Quite Hard And The Gimmick Slightly Nacky. You Will Need To Practice A Lot Before You Are Confident To Perform It. I'M Almost Confident. However, The Effect Of Chill Is Amazing And Worth The Price (But You Will Need To Practice A Fair Bit :) (Posted on 10/23/11)
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