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Chain of Silks

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  • Product Description


    The Chain of Silks can be hidden in a pocket or magic prop and it just seems to keep going.

    The Effect:
    As you pull a silk out of your pocket it is shown to be tied to another silk. That silk is tied to another one. The silks keep coming and coming and it seems like they go on for ever.

    Recommended For:
    Perfect for comedy magicians and children's performers. Fits perfectly into a pocket, Change Bag, Dove Pan, Square Circle Illusion, Crystal Clear Cube and more.

    Trick Specifications:
    Includes a chain of 12 100% Silk Handkerchiefs and fully-illustrated instructions teaching how to load the silks into a spectator's picket or purse.

    Skill Level: Easiest.
    Category: Accessories.

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