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Carneycopia (Book)

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    In ancient Rome there was a horn from which the riches of the world flowed. Now, from the fertile mind of John Carney, magicians have a new source of magical riches at their disposal.

    Within the pages of Carneycopia are taught the prized secrets of one of today's most creative and magical entertainers-John Carney. Here is the close-up of which he is proudest magic that has won its creator the acclaim of his peers and the public alike. Each routine, trick and sleight is taught in painstaking detail. Here, waiting to amaze your audiences, is a compendium of close-up magic, formulated on the classic values of entertainment and baffling mystery.

    Recommended For:
    Magicians looking to learn clever, award winning routines.

    Pages 266 - Hardcover and Fully Illustrated

    Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced.
    Category: Magic Books.

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    Review by Aint Gonna Tellawitz
    Ease Of Use
    This Book Contains Forty-Two Amazing Tricks From John Carney. It Is By Far A Smart Purchase. I Have Had It For Two Months And I Am Still Going Back For More Tricks And Have Been Performing Them For Some Time. If You Are Smart, You Will Buy This Book. (Posted on 10/14/09)
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