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Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi

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    Card College author Roberto Giobbi's first text focusing entirely on professional caliber card trick requiring no manipulative skills.

    Every trick can be done with any deck of cards of average quality, and many can be done under all performance conditions, with a borrowed deck and no preparation. With these sleightless tricks, you can easily acquire a reputation as a magician who can really make magic. Giobbi has organized these tricks into powerful routines, which teach the reader how organization and combination can be used to make good tricks even more inextricably baffling.

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    We recommend this book to beginners and professionals alike. It explains the methods behind tricks wherein the audience can stare relentlessly at the fingers without discovering a thing.

    21 Tricks and 35 Routines. 170 Pages. Hardcover.

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Books, Card Tricks.

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