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Card College #5

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    The long awaited 5th volume by Roberto Giobbi is finally here!

    New techniques and strategies, which include methods for covertly arranging stacks during performance, obtaining a duplicate of a spectator's signature without his knowledge, and secretly conveying cards to and from the deck. Eight chapters filled with tricks and routines including Fred Kaps' presentation for The Signed Card in Box, along with Giobbi's cunning treatment of this modern classic, Henry Christ's fabulous Ace routine and a superb handling of a forgotten masterpiece by Charlie Miller.

    Recommended For:
    We recommend this book to those who have read the four preceding Card College books as it contains effects built on techniques covered in the rest of the series.

    Volume 5 of 5 Volumes. 35 Routines.

    Skill Level: Advanced.
    Category: Books, Card Tricks.

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    Review by B-Rad
    Ease Of Use
    5 stars for being a fantastic and suprisingly lengthy addition to the first 4 volumes. How did he write so much stuff and so clear and well structured? One section descibes duplicating a spectators signature, though I personally find this quite impractical. Way to much effort for a very personal effect. Everytime I flip through the series of books I find something new, or something I'd forgotten, or something that I'm now ready for that I wasn't before. You simply must get these books. (Posted on 3/2/13)
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