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Card Capers by Aldo Colombini - DVD

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    A new DVD on card magic, with easy-to-do and commercial routines.

    The contents includes:
    • ANIMAL CAPERS (Aldo Colombini)

      Two sets of anime themed cards are shuffled by two spectators. At the end, the cards match. Can be performed with regular playing cards as well.

    • MAGILLOGICAL (Tom Daugherty)

      A spectator selects a card and a second spectator finds it.

    • FLIPPING ACES (Aldo Colombini)

      You and a spectator shuffle a packet of cards and at the end the only face up cards in the pile are the four Aces

    • MINI OIL & WATER (Aldo Colombini)

      A simple version of the classic oil and water routine using only six cards and virtually no moves. Great for walk-around too.

    • 37-THREE (Karl Fulves)

      A strong comedy prediction using only eight cards. First, it seems a mistake, and then everything is fixed!

    • THE CUT KNOWS (Jean-Pierre Vallarino)

      A spectator cuts some cards from the deck and hides them in his pocket. You pick a card which is cut into the deck. The two cards on each side of this card added together reveal the total of the hidden cards.

    • CORNERED (Aldo Colombini)

      Jumbo cards with corners cut out. A spectator selects a card and you show that you predicted it by having its missing corner in an envelope.

    • RED OR BLACK-WHICH? (Nick Trost)

      The spectator separates the red cards from the black. Easy to do and stunning!

    • THE FLY CARDS (Aldo Colombini)

      Four cards with flies and black-faced cards are used. The flies assemble one at a time and the end they get smashed. Funny climax!

    • REALLY FIT FOR KINGS (Gene Castillon)

      An amazing self-working trick where you reveal the four Kings (or Aces or selected cards) using cards freely chosen by the spectators.
    Running Time Approximately 45min
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