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Burn Notice

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    Burn Notice is a unique principle that allows you to reveal what a spectator is thinking with simple, everyday items.

    The Effect:
    Your spectator thinks of a playing card, an object, or anything else. You pull a receipt out of your wallet, touch it to the flame of a lighter, and the spectator's thought instantly appears on the receipt! The receipt can be given out as a memorable souvenir!

    Recommended For:
    Fantastic for street performances or close-up predictions.

    Trick Specifications:
    On the Burn Notice DVD, Christopher Wiehl teaches you how to prepare any ordinary receipt so that you're ready to perform at a moment's notice. The DVD also includes a bonus PDF file with a specially-designed receipt that you can print at home in order to perform additional effects. These effects can either be done as a lead-up to Burn Notice, or performed on their own.

    Skill Level:Easiest.
    Category: Close-Up.

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    Review by Hunter
    Ease Of Use
    This always gets fantastic reactions! Its awesome, plus who doesn't like fire? The PDF and the extra is pretty useless, but I would have paid a lot more for the burn notice secret. It's really an amazing trick. (Posted on 6/10/13)
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