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Boston Coin Box by Johnson

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  • Product Description


    A small brass box for holding US half dollars and designed for magic effects.

    The Effect:

    The Boston Coin Box is a exact duplicate of the Johnson Products Okito Box with one important difference. The bottom has been recessed just enough to accommodate a half dollar. This one slight change makes some incredible effects possible.

    Fill the box with four halves. Set the box on the back of your hand. Now remember, the lid has not been placed on the box so the spectators can see the coins right up to the last second. Place your other hand on the box and instantly all four coins pass through the box and the back of your hand. Remove your hand revealing the now EMPTY box. Included in our routine are suggestions for using the Okito and Boston Boxes in a single routine. Together they simply can’t be topped.

    Trick Specifications:
    Brass Coin Box, No Coins and Basic Instructions.

    Skill Level:

    Coin Magic, Accessories, Johnson Coin Products.

    Geek Guarantee

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    Review by Austin
    Ease Of Use
    THis is a trick great for intermediate magicians (Posted on 7/3/14)
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