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Bogus Bubble Gum

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  • Product Description


    Stretch the laughs as you stretch your gum.

    The Breakdown:
    The magician challenges a few children to a "bubble gum pulling contest." He hands each child a wrapped piece of gum and explains that whoever can stretch their gum the furthest wins. In turn, each child tries and can only get their gum to stretch a few feet, but when it's the magician's turn, he stretches his gum over twenty feet!

    No Mess, safe and disposable.

    Recommended For:
    Great for comedy magicians and kid shows.

    Category: Accessories.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Joel
    Ease Of Use
    if you want good laughs and comedy and great reactions GET THIS NOW (Posted on 5/24/14)
    Review by Marty
    Ease Of Use
    First of all, to answer a previous question, these ARE NOT reusable. Nope!!!
    Secondly, you should note that the price here is for a package of "bogus bubble gum" which I believe contains 12 pieces for the quoted price. Thus, you get 12 performances. That's just over a buck apiece for each trick. Certainly well worth it. Aha, just spoke with Brian at MG and he confirmed...Bogus Bubble Gum is a 12 pack!!!
    Thirdly, these gimmicks look just like a piece of "Dubble Bubble"...I always preload a gimmick into one of these wrappers before I pass em out to the kids.
    The kids love this trick...partially because they get free bubble gum...partially because they are direct participants...mainly because it makes them "wide eyed" with yells of "whoa..." when you keep pulling lots and lots of bubble gum out of your face (around 25 feet)
    Feel free to do a couple of tricks while the kids are initially chewing their gum to make it easier to stretch for them. You can talk around the gimmick with no problem.
    These are loads of fun...for everyone!
    (Posted on 1/23/14)
    Review by matt
    Ease Of Use
    really funny (Posted on 6/13/13)
    Review by Satori
    Ease Of Use
    Great for comedy magicians (Posted on 4/25/13)
    Review by who cares
    Ease Of Use
    I Had The Same Question (Posted on 7/10/12)
    Ease Of Use
    Is This Reusable? (Posted on 5/31/11)
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