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  • How We Fool Ya

    Posted on December 18, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    It has been a very intense holiday season here at Magic Geek. Lucky, I found a little time to make a silly video. I hope you enjoy and pass it on to all your other magician friends.

    As 2011 comes to a close, I just want to say thank you to all of the loyal "Magic Geeks" out there who have been following us throughout the year. Thanks for checking out the new magic, our youtube videos, messaging us on Facebook and Twitter as well as right here on the Magic Geek Blog. It really means a lot to us and we look forward to tons of great things in 2012!

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  • And the Winners Are...

    Posted on December 3, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    Below find a list of the prizes and winners for the Elmwood October Drawing. Winners will receive a phone call or e-mail to verify their current address before the prizes are shipped out.

    Compressed Deck
    Edward R Bohlman

    Duston H Sieglaff

    Wide Card
    Barry Andrews

    Double Take
    Chris Bolles

    Paul Richards "Deuce" Lecture Notes
    David Saucedo

    Paul Richards "I'd Gladly Pay $12" Lecture Notes
    Tyler B Robinson

    David Blaine Poster
    Adam Noel

    Signed David Blaine Poster
    Stephen Hayward

    Year Subscription to the Geeky Times
    Seth A Goodmiller

    Ballinger DVD Set
    Caleb Kennedy

    Magic Geek $25 Gift Certificate
    Joseph McCorkle

    Magic Geek $25 Gift Certificate
    Bruce Harlan

    Magic Geek $25 Gift Certificate
    Brian Ramski

    Magic Geek $25 Gift Certificate
    JD Shanahan

    Magic Geek $100 Gift Certificate
    Apollo Sangalang

    The Flexfit Cap
    Andrew Bunner

    Signed Mindgeek T-Shirt
    Robert M Busching

    Wow 2.0 Director’s Cut Set
    Jay Purvis

    Signed Set of Angry Sponges
    Gregory C Day

    Thanks to everyone who participated. Please accept my personal apologies for how long it took to post this list. I really wanted to do a fun video drawing, but due to our unusually hectic schedule and the loss of a family member, this is how we're announcing this one.

    Please check back for more fun drawing, contests, games and shenanigans right here at the official Magic Geek Blog!

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  • Geeky Times

    Posted on November 4, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    Magic Geek is proud to announce our super-awesome way-too-fun gotta-have-it news letter, the Geeky Times. This is something that started mid-October and we are very excited about including it in all of your orders.

    Our goal with the Geeky Times is to make it as fun and informative as possible. That's why it's packed with games, coupon codes, product reviews, activities, advice, and secret messages. Basically, if we think something is cool or funny, we're going to figure out some way of jamming it into the newsletter.

    Geeky Times Newsletter

    Along with it's informative (albeit, slightly silly) journalism, you&'ll find hand-drawn artwork and QR codes that you can scan with your mobile devices to take you to cool tricks and videos.

    On the back page of the Geeky Times you'll find "Magic Vision" where we go through an in-depth review of today's hottest magic tricks, each one with a rating between one and five whoopee cushions.

    Geeky Times Newsletter

    November's issue is particularly exciting because we are including a link to a free instructional video that will teach you a new handling for my top-selling trick Redemption. I've found a way to perform Redemption and finish totally clean! No Palming or sleight of hand. It's super-easy and I'm teaching it to anyone who gets their hands on this month's copy of the Geeky Times!

    Geeky Times Newsletter

    That plus a my review on the trick Ink, I talk about a trick that has become my new show opener with great success, a cross word puzzle and lots more.

    So how do you get one of these magically fantastic newsletters? It's easy! Just place an order right now and it will come with your package.

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  • Hungry Cards

    Posted on July 28, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    There was a theme running through some of the products that we uploaded this week… Cards that eat other cards. This trend happened on accident, but I’m rolling with it, so here we go.

    The first trick is new from Kevin Reylek and it’s called Cannibal. This is his take on the Cannibal Card Plot and it’s really good. Basically, a card is selected and signed, then lost in the deck. A “Cannibal Card” vanishes only to be found in the middle of the deck next to a card with a bite out of it’s corner. The card is turned over to show that it is the signed selection. Everyone thinks the trick is over until you rip open the Cannibal Card to find the missing corner embedded within the fibers of the card. It actually ate part of the card!


    This is a great trick because by following the standard card revelation plot, the trick is over after the Cannibal finds the card. But then you unexpectedly tear the card open and the corner is right in there. Double-whammy!

    The second monster card is called The Vampire. This is a packet effect where a court card sucks all of the ink off of the other cards in the pack before turning blank itself.

    Vampire Card Trick

    This trick is easy to carry around, only costs a couple of bucks and there are a lot of people interested in vampires these days. Recently there has been an explosion of books, movies and television shows all about vampires so by giving the cards that sort of personality, you instantly get the audiences attention.

    Both of these effects are perfect for Halloween which is right around the corner.

    If you are interested in these types of effects, you also might want to look into the Easy to Master Card Miracles Volume 1, which includes Lin Searles fantastic version of the Cannibal Cards. The Web, Gypsy Curse, Off with His Head, and Bigfoot also have wonderful ways of giving playing cards their own spooky character.

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  • Redemption Follow-Up

    Posted on July 21, 2011 by Chris Ballinger

    Redemption is such a versatile and epic trick, that I had to spread out all the information on it into about forty-three blog posts. Not really that many, but a lot non the less.

    Over the past week, people have been receiving their Redemption orders and we have heard nothing but praise for the gimmick, the effects and the instructional DVD. This makes me very happy.

    While I absolutely love the original video demo for this trick, it occurred to me that it only showed the super-visual aspects of the gimmick. So, in an effort to showcase the more subtle side to Redemption, we put together this little video. Enjoy:

    When a new trick gets shipped out it is really the moment of truth for a magic creator. Here are a few of the responses that we have gotten:

    Dave says:
    “Hey Chris, I watched the WHOLE video! I got Redemption today and…. AWESOME.”

    Joshua says:
    “Chris, just got Redemption today. This thing is amazing!! It’s awesome how it’s a simple gimmick, but it can do some awesome things. That’s the way magic should be anyway.”

    Gregory says:
    “I just got redemption today. Its amazing!”

    Youtube user, Pokerfan says
    “I got mine today and it’s epic? and he’s right it does look better in person I even trick myself sometimes that’s how clever this is.”

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  • The Hawk Swoops In

    Posted on July 9, 2010 by Chris Ballinger

    We are very happy to officially have stock of the Hawk 2.0. If you have pre-ordered it, you’ll be receiving it in the mail shortly and if you haven’t there is a very limited quantity available for you to order.

    the hawk

    This trick has been taking the magic community by storm because it is visual, versatile and a great ender to your ambitious routine. Don’t miss your chance to own one. Order now, before they are sold out.

    Last time we got a shipment of these, they were in our warehouse for about three seconds before being packed up and shipped out to those with pre-orders. The gimmick is complex and hand-made, so it might be out of stock for a while after these are gone.

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  • Masuda's Kitty

    Posted on July 6, 2010 by Chris Ballinger

    A few months ago Mr. Masuda let me know that he was going to be producing a new version of his hit trick Wow. I loved the original, so I was really excited to see what the new gimmick looked like and what it could do. I was shocked to find out that he wanted me and the Magic Geek team to make the instructional DVD to go along with the new gimmick. Not only would this mean that I would get to play with the new gimmick before anyone else, but I also got to come up with new routines for the trick.

    Wow 2.0

    Let me just say that the new gimmicks did not disappoint. The new routines and effects possible are not only visually stunning, but entirely under your control. Whether you want a flash-change ending to your ambitious or a slow morph to a color changing deck, it’s entirely up to you.

    Anyway, I finished the DVD and sent it off to the printers and the next day I get this little package wrapped in beautiful blue bunny rabbit paper. Inside was a Maneki Neko or “Beckoning Cat”.

    Magical Cat

    This awesome little ceramic kitty is sitting over my office door on its comfortable little pillow. It’s left paw is raised which I think is supposed to bring in customers, which is strange because we’ve gotten a few more orders since I put it there. Spooky…

    We all want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Masuda for the thoughtful gift that now brings a touch of elegance and luck to my otherwise chaotic office.

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  • First Winner for PH Month

    Posted on November 13, 2009 by chris ballinger

    Ooh, the first winner of Paul Harris Month has been selected. Please watch the video below to find out if you won the autographed Paul Harris Poster and to get updated on the happenings of this awesome giveaway:

    To get your name in the running, all you need to do is order Paul Harris Products And don't miss out on your chance to get a free gift when you order a certain amount of Paul Harris goodies.

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  • Interview with Paul Harris

    Posted on November 10, 2009 by chris ballinger

    We took all the awesome questions that you submitted and brought them to Paul Harris. He answered them, we filmed hit, here it is:

    --Part One--

    --Part Two--

    Don't forget that all November is Paul Harris Month here at Magic Geek. Any time you order a Paul Harris product your name goes into the running for an autographed True Astonishment Box Set. And every week you have a chance to win a Signed Paul Harris Poster.

    As an added bonus we are offering a FREE GIFT any time you order a certain amount of Paul Harris products. To see what the gift is, just go to the Paul Harris Product Page. There will be a banner at the top of the page.

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  • Paul Harris Giveaway

    Posted on November 6, 2009 by chris ballinger


    For the complete line of Paul Harris Products click HERE.

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