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  • Chris Wiehl is my Dance Teacher

    Posted on July 25, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    Who's my dance teacher? Yeah, that's right, it's Chris Wiehl.

    This week we talk about the issue of posting magic videos on the internet. How do you do it? How do you promote it? Which tricks should you do? Let's find out...

    The featured magic this week is Chris Wiehl's two new instant downloads, Dance Lessons and Seattle's Finest. Chris has invented some wonderful magic over the years including Senses, And All Will Be Consumed, and Burn Notice. By purchasing any of these effects from Magic Geek in the next week, your name goes into the drawing to have a Skype Chat with Chris Wiehl himself! I'd like to thank Chris for participating in this week's Recap!

    Chris Wiehl is my Dance Teacher></a>
<p><a href=Seattles Finest by Chris Wiehl

    More magic mentioned in today's Weekly Recap include Ransom and the Self Bending Paperclip. I want to thank everyone who posted questions for this weeks episode. You guys are awesome!

    Self Bending Paperclip

    Don't forget to get your name into the running for the Skype chat with magic creator Chris Wiehl. This is a great opportunity and an even greater excuse to get yourself some amazing magic!

    Thanks for watching.

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  • My Biggest Fear as a Magician - Weekly Recap

    Posted on July 18, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    In today's Weekly Recap, I tackle your questions about birthday party magic and talk about my biggest fear in magic.

    Love it or hate it, performing magic at a kid's birthday party is an important part of starting a magic career. How do you do it well? How do you control those rascally trouble-makers? And do you have to do it? Watch the video below to hear my thoughts on all of these plus I talk about my biggest fear in magic:

    Some of the tricks I recommended for birthday parties included Food to Go, 20th Century Silks, Hoppin Spots, 'Fraid Knot, Chain Shackle Escape and the Straitjacket.

    Fraid Knot Magic

    Don't forget to use the coupon code to get a discount on your next order AND get your name into the running for the free Triumph Deck. Coupon code expires on July 25th.

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  • Squishing Balls - Weekly Recap

    Posted on July 14, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    Learning how to best use your sponge balls can be a squishy business. Let us help.

    This week we are talking about sponge balls... which you squish. Hence the name of this blog. We try to keep it simple here at the Magic Geek.

    This week we featured Alluminati which has its very own bonus video from us here at Magic Geek. Along with the gimmicks and standard handlings taught on the very well produced DVD, if you buy Alluminati from Magic Geek, you'll also get a link to a bonus video with two super-visual new ways to perform the effect.

    We also talked about a bunch of Sponge Magic Props including 3D Sponge Rabbits, Mad Sponges, 1.5" Super Soft Sponge Balls, Sponge Ladybugs and Sponge Bananas.

    Don't forget to check out next week's episode where we will be talking about performing magic at children's birthday parties. We need your questions for that, so don't be shy, post your questions in the comments section below.

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  • Mystery Box Drawing and More

    Posted on July 7, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    Before we get into the Weekly Recap I wanted to post the Mystery Box Giveaway Drawing:

    Congrats to all of the winners and if you didn't win one of the big przes, don't fret. there is another chance to win stuff happening this week. Watch the Weekly Recap for details.

    This week we talked all about floating and levitating stuff. Featured in the recap were illusions like the Losander Floating Table, DOS System, Monarch, Zombie Ball, Floating Match on Card, Invisible Thread, and Loops.

    We also talked a bit about Foresight by Oliver Smith and produced by SansMinds Magic. This is a very cool ESP effect that has a visual kicker ending that nobody ever see's coming. I love it.

    Foresight by SansMinds

    Don't forget to use that coupon code for a percentage off your order and possibly get one of the awesome close-up pads that are up for grabs.

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  • Tons of Free Magic Tricks - Weekly Recap

    Posted on June 27, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    *Please note: The time to enter the Mystery Box Giveaway has expired. Thanks for playing.

    This week we didn't have a topic, so instead I mostly spoke about the Mystery Box Giveaway that we are doing all weekend long.

    Enter the drawing by using the coupon code "mbox" this coupon code will get you 5% off your entire order and get your name into the running for one of the four huge mystery boxes.

    Some of the items in the boxes include a rare, signed and numbered Kartis Okito Coin Box (only 100 exist), signed posters, Multiplying Bottles, Velocity DVD, Topsy Turvy Bottles, Extractor Version 2, Collapsible Top Hat, Professional Close-Up Case and much much more. This is quality, usable magic we're talking about here.

    There are also 20 consolation prize grab bags that you could win. Each bag is filled with a free trick, booklet and magic DVD. These bags make your chances of winning some free magic even better!

    You can enter you name as many times as you'd like. Use the coupon code on multiple orders and get your name into the running for each completed order with the applied coupon.

    But hurry, people are already placing their orders and this offer ends on Monday, June 30th at 11:59pm. At that time the coupon code will expire and the entries will be closed. Then we'll tabulate all of the names and post a drawing video early on Thursday the 3rd.

    You know what would be a great way to get your name into the running? Buying Pyro Kinesis. (See what I did there? That awesome segway into the next topic? I knew you'd appreciate it.) Anyway, Pyro Kinesis is a fantastic effect where an entire matchbook ignites and becomes a giant ball of flame.

    Pyro Kinesis

    If you want to get people's attention, Pyro Kinesis is a great way to go.

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  • Friday the 13th - Weekly Recap

    Posted on June 13, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    This week we are taking a look at Gaffed Cards. Not sure what "Gaffed Cards" are? No worries, I've got you covered.

    Our featured product this week is Deceptus and I've got to say, it's fantastic! Method: Awesome. Effect: Awesome. Reactions: Awesome. Just, basically... it's great. Check out the demo by clicking the image below.


    Let's just embed the whole Packet Effect playlist right here. Enjoy...

    Also featured in this week's episode are the Shark, and Royal Road to Card Magic.

    And finally, next week's recap will not be done on YouTube... or on Friday... or be the regular Weekly Recap format. Basically, things'll be different. How will you know when or how to watch it? Twitter. I will be giving updated on Twitter about the upcoming LiveChat Recap. So be sure to follow us on Twitter to find out what's happening.

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  • Card Ninja

    Posted on June 6, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    There are a few demonstrations that can make you look like a card master. You could find the aces, you could do a false shuffle and retain the deck in new-pack order, you could do a flourish; but nothing--NOTHING is as dramatic and visual as throwing cards like an expert. Throwing a card for distance, hitting a target or cutting vegetables in half demands the audience's attention and respect.

    Lucky for you, the best instructional DVD on card throwing has come out. And it is taught by the current Guinness World Record holder for distance and accuracy in card throwing. I'm talking about Velocity, the most comprehensive collection of technique and advice on card throwing every compiled.

    Rick Smith Jr. goes through all of the techniques that he has developed for distance, accuracy and drama. You'll learn different grips, body positioning, and how to look like a pro when throwing cards. He even goes through all of his techniques for using this new skill in your show. He touches on building a crowd, creating drama, jokes and staging your card throwing.

    Velocity by Rick Smith Jr.

    I can tell you that my personal card throwing skills insanely improved within the first few minutes of watching the DVD. The skill of card throwing takes practice and time, but the improvements that you will see in yourself right from the beginning are very satisfying.

    To pair with this excellent DVD, we now offer the Banshees, which is a deck that was developed specifically for card throwing. The Banshees are a plastic stock deck with a target design on one side which will allow you to gauge how deep into a target your card drives itself. This is great for practicing because this will let you see how quickly your cards are rotating and how fast your card is travelling through the air.

    banshee throwing cards

    The Plastic stock helps the card stand up to the damage that comes to standard cards with throwing. It's impossible to get accuracy with a card that has bent or split from impact, the Banshees won't bend or split on impact so they can be used again and again.

    But the coolest modification made to the Banshees are the whistle cuts made into the cards. Each card is precision-cut with four holes and cause the card to whistle as it is thrown. If you've watched the video earlier in this post, you will have heard the whistle... kind of. We had a really hard time capturing the sound with our microphones. It is louder when you hear it live, but the video does give you and idea of what an audience will hear.

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  • Magic Spit - Weekly Recap

    Posted on June 6, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap this week! Today we are talking about coins and Father's Day, and Coupon Codes and... spitting things out... magically.

    Don't forget to get yourself a Geeky Times this month. You get a free copy every time you place an order at Magic Geek.

    This week's featured product is the Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks Volume 3. This is a fantastic collection of card effects, as are Volumes 2 and 1. You can get all three volumes right here in the Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks Collection. Whoo-hoo!

    Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3
    We also talked about the David Roth Coin Magic DVDS, Imagination Coins, Lethal Tender, Coin in Bottle and Coin Bite.

    Let's not forget that there is a coupon code floating around in this week's Recap. Get yourself a 5% discount and the chance to win Ravi Mayar's Collision DVDs Volume 1 and 2! These DVDs are full of awesome magic done with Lighters, Tic-Tac boxes, business cards, matches, gum and more.

    Oh, and please leave your comments for next week's Recap. The topic is "Gaffed Cards" and you can leave your questions right here as a comment to this blog entry.

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  • I'm Gonna Read Your Brain Parts - Weekly Recap

    Posted on May 30, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    Today we are talking about mind reading. Thanks for all of your questions!

    The featured trick this week has nothing to do with mind reading or mentalism, but hey, what the heck; it's a great trick. I'm talking about Kyle Marlett's Shot Put. I really enjoyed doing the video demo for this trick. It reminded me of some of our earliest demos. Check it out by clicking the image below.

    Shot Put by Kyle Marlett

    We also talked about the playlist that we created on our YouTube Channel for beginner magicians. This playlist gives insight on the magic and the behind-the-scenes of Magic Geek as well as recommending tricks that are perfect for anyone just starting out with magic. If you are a beginner or know someone who wants to get started in magic, check out the Playlist today.

    I mentioned one of the most impostant texts in Mentalis: Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism. A few of the mentalism effects that I recommended in this week's Recap included Just Think,Final Flashback, Telethought Wallet, Mind Controller, Word in a Million, Swami Writer, Sketch-o-Magic, and Elimination.

    Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap and don't forget to use that coupon code before next Friday to get yourself 5% off plus a chance to win Ramanos' Mentally Exposed!

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  • Memorial Day Weekend Sale & Weekly Recap

    Posted on May 23, 2014 by Chris Ballinger

    The Memorial Day Weekend Sale is going on right now (assuming you're reading this before May 27th). Hundreds of our favorite magic tricks are marked down in every category! Simply click on the favorites section of any category and find that every single item in that section has been marked down for Memorial Day Weekend.

    Or, click on one of the following categories to be taken directly to the sale items:

    This week's Weekly Recap covers beginner magic and give details for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Check it out:

    Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap and be sure that you get your orders in before May 26th at 11:59pm in order to get those sale prices.

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