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Magic Spit - Weekly Recap

Posted on June 6, 2014 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap this week! Today we are talking about coins and Father's Day, and Coupon Codes and... spitting things out... magically.

Don't forget to get yourself a Geeky Times this month. You get a free copy every time you place an order at Magic Geek.

This week's featured product is the Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks Volume 3. This is a fantastic collection of card effects, as are Volumes 2 and 1. You can get all three volumes right here in the Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks Collection. Whoo-hoo!

Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 3
We also talked about the David Roth Coin Magic DVDS, Imagination Coins, Lethal Tender, Coin in Bottle and Coin Bite.

Let's not forget that there is a coupon code floating around in this week's Recap. Get yourself a 5% discount and the chance to win Ravi Mayar's Collision DVDs Volume 1 and 2! These DVDs are full of awesome magic done with Lighters, Tic-Tac boxes, business cards, matches, gum and more.

Oh, and please leave your comments for next week's Recap. The topic is "Gaffed Cards" and you can leave your questions right here as a comment to this blog entry.

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