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I'm Gonna Read Your Brain Parts - Weekly Recap

Posted on May 30, 2014 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

Today we are talking about mind reading. Thanks for all of your questions!

The featured trick this week has nothing to do with mind reading or mentalism, but hey, what the heck; it's a great trick. I'm talking about Kyle Marlett's Shot Put. I really enjoyed doing the video demo for this trick. It reminded me of some of our earliest demos. Check it out by clicking the image below.

Shot Put by Kyle Marlett

We also talked about the playlist that we created on our YouTube Channel for beginner magicians. This playlist gives insight on the magic and the behind-the-scenes of Magic Geek as well as recommending tricks that are perfect for anyone just starting out with magic. If you are a beginner or know someone who wants to get started in magic, check out the Playlist today.

I mentioned one of the most impostant texts in Mentalis: Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism. A few of the mentalism effects that I recommended in this week's Recap included Just Think,Final Flashback, Telethought Wallet, Mind Controller, Word in a Million, Swami Writer, Sketch-o-Magic, and Elimination.

Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap and don't forget to use that coupon code before next Friday to get yourself 5% off plus a chance to win Ramanos' Mentally Exposed!

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