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School Talent Show Magic Tricks

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

We get asked all the time for recommendations for magic that would work well for a school talent show. So what we did was put together a YouTube Playlist to showcase some of our favorite effects to perform.

Some of these routines range from supre-easy to advanced and each one can be found by licking their image bellow.

'Fraid Knot

'Fraid Knot:
My signature rope routine and one of the few on this list that I personally used in my actual high school talent show.

appearing straw trick

Appearing 8 Foot Pole:

This trick is so visually stunning that it is the perfect fit for staged talent shows; and best of all: it's super easy!

D'Lite D'Lite Pair:

This easy trick is great if you have control of the lighing in the theater. Ask them to bring some of the front lights down and magically produce and manipulate a ball of light.
hoppin Spots Hoppin Spots:

This is one of my favorite tricks to do because it's easy, has a compelling story line and ends in a very magical way.
Losander Floating Table Losander Floating Table:

Just doing this effect once for a live audience will make you truly understand how powerful it is. If you want to fill the stage with mystery and get oohs and ahs from your audience, this is the way to go!
Gold Zombie Ball Gold Zombie Ball:

This classic levitation effect is absolutely beautiful. I recommend finding some good music that fits your personality and choriagraph the routine to match up with the song.
Inexhausible Sponge Inexhaustible Sponge:

Such a funny sight gag. You continuously wipe your forehead and fill a sponge with sweat.
Vanishing Bandana Vanishing Bandana:

This routine has built-in scripting. All you have to do is follow along with the recording and try not to laugh along with the audience.
Silk Fountain Silk Fountain:

This is a great moment to add to a routine that already uses silks. It's funny how big of a reaction this simple effect gets.
Six Card Repeat Six Card Repeat:

This routine does two things: amazes audiences and fills time. If you want to fill an entire performance with one routine, this is the one.

If you have any trick ideas that work well for talent shows, post it in a comment. Also, what do you want our next playlist to be about? Best card tricks? Coin Tricks? Street magic? Let us know in the comments section.

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