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Silky Smooth Magic - Weekly Recap

Posted on May 9, 2014 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

This week we take a look at silk and handkerchief magic. Yay! Let's do it:

Our featured trick this week is Swag 2.0 by Taiwan Ben. This is a very complete set of gimmicks and supplies to perform several card revelations. Some happen in the spectator's hands, some appear slowly in the open while sill others happen instantly with the wave of your hand.

Swag 2

As promised, here is a list of silk tricks and why I like them:

20th Century Silks: In this routine, a silk is vanished and found tied in between two silks held by a spectator.
Mismade Flag: The Mismade flag always gets laughs. It's one of the best tricks out there to perform for children.
Silk to Egg: magicians have created countless routines around this effect. It's a classic that continues to baffle.
Blendo: Four small silks of different colors become one solid silk consisting of each color.
Chameleon Silk: This is another classic crowd pleaser. Silks change color as you push them through your hand.
Always Full, Always Empty: This little mystery starts and ends completely examinable.
Rope to Silk: This trick is so easy to perform that sometimes people don't give it the credit it deserves. But it's a great trick.
Crystal Clear Cube: The most visual and best way to make silks appear on stage or at birthday parties.
Change Bag: One of the essential tools for birthday performers. Makes any silk trick more visual and baffling.
Chameleon Silk Streamer: This is a stunning effect where the streamer changes color visually at the fingertips.
Silk Fountain: This is a great addition to any stage silk routine. It looks beautiful.
Polka Dot Silk: The polka dots fly off this large silk banner and then stick right back on!

This week on the Recap we also talked about my Sharpie trick Permanent and how it might be used in conjunction with the Omni Pen and SansMinds Sharpie.

permanent magic trick

I also touched on the idea of "organic magic" and threw out the names of a few tricks like the Linking Mints and Innercircle by Yigal Mesika.

And lastly, I talked about how Magic Geek now carries Magic Magazine. This is a fantastic source for material, theory, magic history and aside form all of that, it's just plain fun! This week we are giving away FIVE copies of last month's issue! That means your odds of winning this giveaway is five times greater than an average Weekly Recap giveaway. Plus you get that 5% discount which everyone loves. Be sure to use that coupon code before May 16th.

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