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How to Play with Food - Weekly Recap

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Chris Ballinger There have been 1 comment(s)

This week our topic is "Food Magic". I love performing magic with food because it's organic, people are familiar with it, and--you know... it's delicious.

Our first question was asking for food magic recommendations, so here you go:

Food to Go
Food to Go

This week's featured product is Defiance by Mariano Goni. This is a fantastic set which includes gimmicks and four all-new concepts in levitation. Levitation is one of the strongest effects that you can perform in magic, this DVD covers how to float various borrowed objects with new techniques.

Also mentioned were the Michael Ammar Cups and Balls DVDs. These fantastic resources are now available as instant downloads as well!

Congratulations to Elliot Evans winner of last week's drawing, your copy of Sorted Affair is on it's way! Don't forget to use the coupon code in today's Weekly Recap to get a discount and a chance to win "Stir Crazy" by Dan Hauss!

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1 Response to How to Play with Food - Weekly Recap

  • Shy
    Shy says:

    Hey chris. Can u talk about anttack 2. For example what do u do when the ants fall all over the place? Thx a lot. U r awesome :D

    Posted on April 26, 2014 at 9:09 pm