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How to Get Better at Card Tricks

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Chris Ballinger There have been 1 comment(s)

This week I answered your questions about card tricks; and I touched on one of the best bits of advice I have ever gotten in my career in magic: break it up.

We featured two new products this week: the Classified Case and Mentally Exposed. One is a fantastic case to carry your magic in and the other is a DVD filled with brilliant mentalism effects.

I also recommended that you check out the Easy to Master Card Miracles DVDs and the Armstrong Card Magic DVDs.

Don't forget to use the coupon code for 5% off and your chance to win a brand new Sorted Affair trick.

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1 Response to How to Get Better at Card Tricks

  • Cole Schubert
    Cole Schubert says:

    Chris if you have inner circle or just loops what is your go to trick. And do you do 2 tricks with loops to the same person because they have a more likely chance of figureing it out. And this goes for all gimmicks.

    Posted on April 22, 2014 at 4:44 am