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Afraid of Getting Caught - Weekly Recap

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

Congratulations goes out to Steven Marsh, winner of the El Capitan Mega Pack. If you didn't win, don't fret. We are hosting a Mystery Box Giveaway all weekend long, so keep it right here at Magic Geek and see how you can enter to win!

Well, first off I guess I should talk about Sponge Balls themselves. If you don't have any yet, what are you doing?! They're great, versatile, and get a fantastic response. We have them is several different sizes: 1 Inch, 1.5 Inch, 2 Inches, 2.5 Inches, 3 Inches and each style comes in a variety of colors.

Sponge Balls

I also mentioned Oddballs by Scott Strange and the Steve Dacri Sponge Ball Tool Kit. Steve Dacri also has several instructional DVDs that are definitely worth checking out including No Filler Volume 1, No Filler Volume 2, and (you guessed it) No Filler Volume 3.

And let's not forget my two favorite sponge routines: Mad Sponges and the 3-D Rabbit Set by Goshman.

This week's featured trick was Inferno by Joshua Jay:

I have to say, this routine impressed me. The perfect meld of psychology, gimmicks, and sleight of hand to created a magic trick with just one card. It's easy to carry around, instantly gets the audience's attention and works great.

Be sure to leave your questions on Rope Magic.

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