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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Street Magic - Weekly Recap

    Posted on July 26, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    Congrats to Ryan Myers, winner of last week's drawing! Rayn used the coupon code to get a discount and to win the Multiplying Potato Chips Set.

    Today I'm giving away a collector's item AND a free shipping coupon (good until 8/2/13). Plus, I answer your pressing questions on the art of street magic.

    The featured trick this week is the Mad Sponges Set which is back by popular demand. Even though it was one of our best-selling tricks, won awards and got us tons of great feedback, we had to discontinue it because they were so labor-intensive to build. Now, as a special treat, we are bringing them back in a very limited run. But you need to hurry, I'm not sure that we'll do a second run because--guess what--they are still labor intensive.

    Mad Sponges

    We also talked about 'Fraid Knot which is a rope routine that I developed for street and stage performances. We sell it here with the included ropes and an in-depth DVD which covers two time-tested routines and bonus handlings.

    We also talked about the Close-Up and Street Magic Combos which include professional-quality props and tricks that are used by real close-up and street performers all over the world.

    street magic kit

    Finally, we also mentioned our street magic series which was a free program that we posted on youtube to help you develop a solid street magic show. You can watch the entire series right here in the playlist embedded below.

    Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap. Actually, scratch that, thank you for participating in the Weekly Recap. Your questions, comments and views are what make this show what it is. Next week is all about comedy magic. So pony up with the questions down below in the comment section and they might get featured in next Friday's Weekly Recap!

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  • Geek Report in Short Shorts

    Posted on July 19, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    Hooray! It's time for a new Geek Report. These are so much fun to put together and I hope you have as much fun watching them as we do filming them:

    Come check out what Burt was talking about in the new Marc Oberon Section. We've got a bunch of great effects by Marc Oberon, most of which are brand new!

    marc oberon
    As you can imagine, anything can happen when we are shooting a Geek Report. That's why this month's episode features an Outtakes Reel:

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  • Mind Control

    Posted on July 19, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    In addition to talking about mentalis, we are giving away our biggest Weekly Recap Prize yet AND offering a coupon code. So click "Play" and learn how to win!

    Good luck to all of those who enter!

    There were a ton of great questions submitted on the topic of Mentalism and I got to talk about a bunch of my favorite tricks, for example:

    Reveal Chris rawlins

    Reveal: This is a great peek method, especially for stage because of how visual it is.

    Telethought Wallet
    Telethought Wallet: This gimmick is so cool and diabolical that you'll perform with it just to see it function.


    Think-A-Card: The included deck of cards makes this effect incredibly easy to perform and it absolutely amazes people.

    word in a million

    Word in a Million: This is the easiest book test out there and it can be done with any word on any page of almost any book!

    Mental PRediction Board

    Mental Prediction Board: This has been one of my favorites since I started doing magic. In fact, I still have and use the Mental Prediction Board that I got when I was eight years old!

    Be sure to leave a comment below with your questions for next Friday's Weekly Recap. The topic is on street magic, so if you have questions about that or anything else, we want to hear them.

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  • Acting Lessons

    Posted on July 12, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    It's time for the Weekly Recap! This week I answered questions about Magic Shows. Watch the video below to hear my advice on writing, developing, and promoting your magic show.

    In this Recap I talked about John Archer's Blank Night. You can learn more about it by clicking the image below:

    Blank Night John Archer

    I also talked about Empty by Marcus Eddie. Check out that awesome trick by clicking this image:

    Empty Marcus Eddie

    You can't win Empty without entering the raffle. Get three of your friends to like us on Facebook and write on our wall to get your name into the drawing.

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  • Weekly Recap Starring Rachel!

    Posted on July 5, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    This week Rachel (from the some of the video demos) helped us answer your questions. Watch the video below for awkward moments, Rachel performing a magic trick, Rachel juggling and yep--more awkward moemnts:

    There was a lot of stuff featured in this Weekly Recap, so we're going to break it down a little here to help you find what you're looking for:

    The Geeky Times:

    geeky times newsletter
    The Geeky Times is a FREE newsletter that comes in every package we send out. To get your copy all you have to do is place an order. There is a new Geeky Times every month with new product reviews, interesting articles and a game, comic, or craft. July's issue includes a very cool build-your-own shop dog illusion.

    Triumph Deck:

    Triumph Deck

    The Triumph deck is a stunning and sleight-of-hand-free trick that will make you look like a pro in minutes.

    Juggling Balls:

    Juggling Balls

    Rachel showed off her awesome juggling skills. If you want to learn to juggle or improve your juggling the kit featured above is the best way to learn. The DVD is fantastic and the balls are ideal for learning new moves in juggling.

    Scared by Webber Ho:

    This is a great close-up trick. Link two objects that people are totally familiar with and in the end you can let them keep two linked dental flossers as an impossible souvenir.

    ACE by Richard Sanders:

    Ace by Richard Sanders

    Thanks for watching the Weekly Recap. Be sure to leave your questions below. Next week's theme will be about booking and structuring magic shows.

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