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Live Chat 1-17-13

Posted on January 17, 2013 by Chris Ballinger There have been 1 comment(s)

I want to thank everyone who tuned in during this live chat. Especially since it was a day later than it should have been.

This week we talked about two Henry Evans tricks! Modern Times and Risky Bet.

Risky Bet by Henry Evans

I also recommended the 3-D Sponge Rabbits and Fourced Outcome.

I know I already said thanks for tuning in, but I want to give an extra shout-out to all those who--not only watched--but also chimed in with their questions or comments. Without you, I would not have anything to talk about and I would just sit here knitting socks on camera for a half-hour each week.

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1 Response to Live Chat 1-17-13

  • Monte the Dragon
    Monte the Dragon says:

    Chris, I bought killer bee a while back, I like it. But, in the section of the mentalism variation when you hand the deck off to the spectator you say "your back can be can be looking up." You never explain how you know when to say stop when your back is turned or looking up. Please help me so I can amaze my victums, I mean "audience."

    Posted on January 19, 2013 at 7:17 pm