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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Live Chat 1-17-13

    Posted on January 17, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    I want to thank everyone who tuned in during this live chat. Especially since it was a day later than it should have been.

    This week we talked about two Henry Evans tricks! Modern Times and Risky Bet.

    Risky Bet by Henry Evans

    I also recommended the 3-D Sponge Rabbits and Fourced Outcome.

    I know I already said thanks for tuning in, but I want to give an extra shout-out to all those who--not only watched--but also chimed in with their questions or comments. Without you, I would not have anything to talk about and I would just sit here knitting socks on camera for a half-hour each week.

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  • Geek Report - Nest of Wallets

    Posted on January 11, 2013 by Chris Ballinger

    Magic Geek is proud to announce that the Geek Report will be returning to the interwebs for 2013! It's been a while since Terry, Tom, Burt and the rest of the Geek Report crew hit the studio, but they are back and ready to dole out that goods.

    This week they are taking a look at the Nest of Wallets by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong, Risen by Tony Clark and letting you know about this month's issue of the Geeky Times.

    In all seriousness, I absolutely love the Nest of Wallets effect. It is easy to carry around, looks and feels great and gets a wonderful reaction. I have been performing it walk-around since we got it in and I can say that it is a welcome addition to my close-up act.

    For more information on the Nest of Wallets, please click the image below.

    Nest of Wallets Magic Trick

    Risen by Tony Clark is another fantastic effect and utility device. Unlike other rising card gimmicks, there is no bulk. You can cut the cards, shuffle the cards, even spread through the cards without anyone knowing that there is even a gimmick in there. But, whenever you are ready you can use the device to make cards rise from the deck, visually change into other cards or jump completely out of the deck.

    For more information on Risen, please click the image below:

    Risen by Tony Clark

    And if you don't know what the Geeky Times is, you should really place an order and get one. We put so much time and effort into making sure that they are as informative and as entertaining as possible that some of our customers even collect them!

    To get your hands on a copy, simply place an order of any size at Magic Geek and it will get delivered with your package for free.

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