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1000 Videos on Youtube

Posted on April 27, 2012 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

We just uploaded our 1,000th video on youtube. To celebrate, we put together an 80s style rap.

This rap features clips from our many, many video demos, interviews, competitions, the Geek Report and videos that we uploaded just for fun.

There has actually been some dispute on whether or not this is actually our 1,000th video and here's the deal: Youtube is saying that we have (at this time) 1,000 videos in one view and 1,001 videos in another view. Since we uploaded "Sands of the Desert" at the same time this could either be our 1,000th video or our 999th video. I haven't gone through and counted all of our videos to see which is correct. The point is we definitely have at least 1,000 videos uploaded to youtube at this time and I think that calls for a celebration, don't you?

If you missed or are interested in any of the videos featured in the rap video here are a few links that might interest you:

Paul Harris Interview
Mark Mason Interview
Geek Report
wow 2.0 Dance

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