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Geeky Times

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Chris Ballinger There have been 0 comments

Magic Geek is proud to announce our super-awesome way-too-fun gotta-have-it news letter, the Geeky Times. This is something that started mid-October and we are very excited about including it in all of your orders.

Our goal with the Geeky Times is to make it as fun and informative as possible. That's why it's packed with games, coupon codes, product reviews, activities, advice, and secret messages. Basically, if we think something is cool or funny, we're going to figure out some way of jamming it into the newsletter.

Geeky Times Newsletter

Along with it's informative (albeit, slightly silly) journalism, you&'ll find hand-drawn artwork and QR codes that you can scan with your mobile devices to take you to cool tricks and videos.

On the back page of the Geeky Times you'll find "Magic Vision" where we go through an in-depth review of today's hottest magic tricks, each one with a rating between one and five whoopee cushions.

Geeky Times Newsletter

November's issue is particularly exciting because we are including a link to a free instructional video that will teach you a new handling for my top-selling trick Redemption. I've found a way to perform Redemption and finish totally clean! No Palming or sleight of hand. It's super-easy and I'm teaching it to anyone who gets their hands on this month's copy of the Geeky Times!

Geeky Times Newsletter

That plus a my review on the trick Ink, I talk about a trick that has become my new show opener with great success, a cross word puzzle and lots more.

So how do you get one of these magically fantastic newsletters? It's easy! Just place an order right now and it will come with your package.

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