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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • Interview with

    Posted on August 27, 2009 by chris ballinger

    A few weeks ago the guys at contacted me through youtube and asked if I would be interested in an interview. The result was a huge interview where I told them about my history with magic and tips for practice, performance, originality and humor. The whole interview can be found by clicking the picture below. is a resource for those who want to start learning magic. They give tips on performance, style and practice as well as teach powerful, easy to perform magic tricks. It's the brainchild of magicians Jay Jay and Magical G based out of Brisbane Australia. It's a pretty awesome website and you should check it out.

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  • Tales from the Tube

    Posted on August 26, 2009 by chris ballinger

    I go on youtube every day to check on our 500+ videos. And I personally read all of the comments on our videos. Some are nice, some are mean, and some are very difficult to understand. So I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the comments and address them.

    Helder Guimaraes DVD:

    magicfreek101 wrote:
    BUY THIS NOW. I have it and its just like a new world in card magic!

    I couldn’t have said it better, Magicfreak101. I love this DVD set. Guimaraes’ thoughts on card magic are innovative and fantastic. If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

    Magic Money Maker:

    Ecck2 wrote:
    I trolls it out when it goes therw...

    I think I’ve finally translated this one. It seems that ecck2 has a firm grasp of the English language; he just types with his fingers jammed into ten bananas and then doesn’t read what he’s written.

    Anttack with Gimmicks:

    MegaGeek325 wrote:
    He's really good at making awkward endings to these videos. But I think that took the cake. o.oU

    Here at Magic Geek we love that awkward humor and I’m glad to see that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Yoshino Gimmick:

    Kieku87 wrote:
    I have to say this, I watched this about a dozen times and when you get that wig on you, it looks like a camera trick... Like pausing and again playing the camera... I dont usually say this but it is the way I see it...

    I just want to address this topic: we do not use camera trickery… just regular trickery. We want you to see the exact effect of the magic that we sell so that you can make an informed decision before buying. If we used camera tricks it would undermine what we are trying to do. You can do everything that you see in our videos with the magic we sell.


    Xxrockandrollgodxx wrote:
    its a mirror! the wand!

    This happens a lot. People don’t watch the entire video and so they don’t see that the trick I am doing is a sucker trick. The real magic trick happens at the end of the video.

    This is just a taste of the comments that I sift through every day. We like to hear what you have to say and so we read and consider everything that is posted, both here on Magic Geek and on our youtube account.

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  • School Survival Kit

    Posted on August 19, 2009 by chris ballinger

    It's that time of year again. Time to dust off your backpack, load up your binder and soak up those last few days of summer freedom. We here at Magic Geek think that school is very important, but let's face it, some times it's kind of boring. That's why we've put together a list of the top 10 must-have tricks to make the back-to-school transition a little more interesting.

    These tricks were chosen because they fit in the school setting and they are sure to get the attention of your fellow students. Just be careful, some teachers don't like to be upstaged.

    #10 Peekaboo
    This is the perfect card trick to perform on the playground. It's funny, takes up the same space as a pen, and it's one of those awesome gadgets that everyone wants to check out.


    #9 Scorpion Moth
    Be careful who you choose to perform this trick for. Some people like being attacked by a blood-sucking moth, some don't. (The ones who don't usually scream the loudest.)


    #8 Self-Folding Dollar Bill
    This is a great trick to always have in your pocket. It's creepy and unexpected.


    #7 Neck Cracker
    Oh, if only I had one of these when I was in school. This little gimmick will make everyone scream as you adjust you neck with a loud POP-POP-POP!


    #6 Two Headed Nickel
    Oftentimes schoolyard decisions have to be made by playing Rochambeau or flipping a coin. Make sure you always get what you want with a Two Headed Nickel.


    #5 Card Cognition
    You and a friend can take turns reading minds. And if you don't have a friend, Card Cognition is a great way to make one.


    #4 Rattle Snake Eggs
    I have to warn you, this gag got me into a lot of trouble in the second grade. That being said, I used it again in third grade, and then in fourth grade, and in fifth grade... you get the idea.


    #3 Anttack
    This is a great trick to do at lunch time because it involves food. What better way to digest than to have a colony of ants fly off a card and into your hands?


    #2 Jumbo Appearing Pencil
    This one is going to take a little nerve to pull off. It will definitely disrupt class, but there's something to be said for the kid who pulls a three-foot pencil out of their backpack.


    #1 Permanent DVD Set with Gimmicks
    It's easy to use. It's a prop that you can use in your school work. It's a no brainer. Why not rub the ink off of the side of your Sharpie marker before drawing a pie chart? Just don't use it for tagging stuff because that is naughty.


    There you have it, my top ten for this year's back-to-school season. The top ten tricks from last year are still good, so you should check out that blog post too for more great magic.

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  • Humans Beware!

    Posted on August 17, 2009 by chris ballinger

    This just in! Magically enhanced ants are on the loose and are attacking card tricks everywhere. No one is safe! This can only be described as an all-out Anttack!

    Imagine a card being selected. The spectator's favorite food being drawn on the card. The card lost in the deck, only to be found later with ants printed all over its back. With a shake, the printed ants fall off the card and into the third dimension. Plastic ants shower from the card into the spectator's hands! Shocking! Magical! Anty!


    A year after the release of the very-popular instant download Anttack, we are proud to present an all-new version of the effect. The updated routine includes new gimmicks, super-easy-to-do routines and fully-illustrated instruction booklet. We've even included the instructions to the original routine.

    When developing this, I took the original concept and tried to figure out a way to make it easier to perform, self-contained, and extremely fair. What I ended up with is a new set of gimmicks that satisfy those goals far beyond my expectations. Your hands can be shown empty the entire time and the gimmicks make the sleight of hand practically self-working.

    I have been using this version of Anttack all summer and it goes over extremely well at company picnics and restaurant gigs. People love food so it’s great to incorporate it into a card trick and when the ants come off of the card, it’s a huge surprise. Anttack also generates a lot of word-of-mouth advertizing. The spectator ends up with a souvenir card and I always overhear them describing the ants falling off into their hands.

    Anttack is scheduled to hit most magic stores soon, but there there's only one place you can get it right now; and that's right here at Magic Geek.

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  • JB July Winners

    Posted on August 5, 2009 by chris ballinger

    Thanks to everyone who purchased JB Magic Supplies from Magic Geek during JB July. Please watch the video below to see who won what, as I pull the names out of my big top hat.

    Congratulations to all of the winners, you will be contacted soon so that we can make sure we have your current information on file.

    If you didn't win, don't fret, this is just the beginning of many giveaways to come and we want you to win in the future. Thanks again everyone!

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