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Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • Tribal Sticks

    Posted on July 31, 2009 by chris ballinger

    We, here at Magic Geek, are always hard at work, inventing things that will enhance the magic and juggling communities. New versions of old juggling props come out all the time, but it's not very often that a whole new way of juggling is created. That's why we are so proud to introduce our latest contribution to the juggling world: the Tribal Devil Stick.


    A standard Devil Stick consists of one shaft that is juggled between two control sticks; but the Tribal Stick has an all-new Three Shaft System. This allows for new tricks, spins and balances that have never been possible before. We had to design a custom acrylic hub to bring the shafts together. The entire set-up easily comes apart to fit into the included carrying case.

    This is an exciting new development in juggling and it is so much fun to play with. New patterns are possible that have not even been discovered yet. To learn more about the Tribal Sticks, please click HERE.

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  • JB Update 07/24/09

    Posted on July 24, 2009 by chris ballinger

    I don't know if they should have given me full reign of the promotional videos for JB July (I tend to get carried away.) Anyway, here is this week's JB July Video Update:

    I also wanted to point out a few of my favorite JB Products that you might have overlooked:

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  • List of Prizes for JB July

    Posted on July 23, 2009 by chris ballinger

    We've come up with a final list of Prizes for the JB July Giveaway and here they are:

    Grand Prize:

    Autographed, Limited Edition Come Fly with Me made with Morgan Silver Dollars.
    The standard version of this trick retails for $300 and is made with half-dollar coins, but we are giving a very rare set made with real Morgan Silver Dollars. The set will be autographed and made out to you by the creator of Come Fly with Me, Mark Mason. I am personally jealous of whoever wins this prize and slightly upset that I can't enter the contest myself.


    Second Place:

    Autographed Hung, Drawn & Quartered.
    This is your chance to win this new trick from the JB Elite Line before you can buy it. This too will be signed by Mark Mason of JB Magic and has a retail value of $100.

    Third Place:

    JB Magic's Brand New Trick: Metamorphosis
    You haven't experienced a real freak out until you've tried this trick on a spectator. The high quality gimmicks and psychological routining that went into this effect are fantastic.

    Fourth Place:

    The Monkey Bike from the First JB July Update.
    It's a little rusty and has some Chris sweat on it, but you asked for it, so here it is. I'll even autograph it if you want.


    Fifth Place:

    Win-it-before-you-can-buy-it Anttack.
    This is my brand-new effect due to hit the market sometime next month. It comes complete with all the gimmicks and full instructions. I don't like to brag but, I did the drawings for the instructions myself and I think they turned out really nice... so, that's kind of special.


    nullSome of my original illustrations.

    Sixth through Eleventh Place:

    Limited Edition Magic Geek Flexfit Caps.
    These are the caps we featured in the blog a couple of weeks ago. The designs are stitch in black and grey thread and the Flexfit style is sure to impress your friends.


    Twelfth Place:

    Permanent DVD Set with Gimmicks
    This just-released trick is a must-have for any magician that uses a Sharpie Marker. It comes with all the necessary gimmicks and an instructional DVD. So far it's been getting great reviews from some of the toughest critics.


    Thirteenth Place:

    Autographed Mind Geek T-Shirt
    This features me decked out in Criss Angel-ish garb and is printed on American Apparel T-Shirt. I'll even sign it so that you will be the envy of the town.


    Fourteenth Place:

    $25 Magic Geek Gift Certificate
    Instead of us giving away a trick that you might already have, why don't you pick out what you like? We'll send you a gift certificate that you can spend however you like.

    Fifteenth Place:

    Magic Geek Crest T-Shirt
    Featuring an original two-color design printed on a blue American Apparel T. The design even has a built-in magic trick. I tried it out on the street a few times when filming for the Permanent DVD and people loved it.


    Sixteenth Place:

    Magic Geek Hero T-Shirt
    This T-Shirt features the Magic Geek Hero Logo printed in red and obscured by old-school instruction text. The back of the shirt features the words "Magic Geek" just below the neck.


    Seventeenth Place:

    Magic Geek Vintage T-Shirt
    This T-Shirt features an old-school illustration of a magician donning the mask of our Super Hero Logo.


    Eighteenth Place:

    $10 Magic Geek Gift Certificate
    This will be the first name that we draw out of the hat. You'll be the fine owner of ten Magic Geek Dollars that you can spend in our expansive "Under $10" Section or use to get a handsome discount on a larger order.

    Well, there you have it. The list of stuff that you could win simply by buying an already-great trick from the JB Magic Product Line.

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  • JB July Update 07/17/09

    Posted on July 17, 2009 by chris ballinger

    Here we are again with another JB July update:

    The Free Shipping offer is only applicable to orders with a JB Product in them and it expires on Sunday night (07/19/09). So be sure to place your orders this weekend to get your name in the running for some awesome prizes.

    This week we added Mark Mason's Mirage Wallet to our list of JB Magic Products. This is a great card-to-wallet effect for those of you who are afraid of palming. The instructional DVD covers how to use the wallet as well as Mark Mason's coveted Ambitious Card and Card to Mouth routine.

    Keep checking our blog and twitter account because this week we are going to put together the final list of prizes that you could win during JB July!

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  • Magic Geek Hat Giveaway

    Posted on July 13, 2009 by chris ballinger

    As most of you are aware this month is JB July and we are giving away a bunch of awesome prizes at random to those who buy JB Magic Products from us this month. I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Limited Edition Magic Geek Flexfit Caps that are up for grabs. These are not available for purchase and the only way to get them is by winning them during the JB July Giveaway.


    The Magic Geek Hero is stitched into a gun-metal gray genuine Flexfit Cap. The words "MAGIC GEEK" is stitched on the back of the hat in jet black thread. The high-quality cap is very comfortable and will protect you from those annoying sun rays.


    For every JB Product you buy during the month of July, your name will go into the running for all of the JB July prizes. We will be giving away six of these caps in the drawing. Keep checking the blog for details on the other prizes and more updates on the JB Product Line and the Giveaway.

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  • JB July Update 07/10/09

    Posted on July 10, 2009 by chris ballinger

    It's time for another update on the JB July giveaway happening here at Magic Geek. Please refer to the video below:

    Click the picture below to go directly to our list of JB Magic Products:


    Mid-next week we are going to give more details on the prizes which will include that little bike from the last JB July Update video. So keep checking the Magic Geek Blog and adding JB Magic to your cart.

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  • 500 Videos on Youtube

    Posted on July 9, 2009 by chris ballinger

    Today we uploaded our 500th video on youtube!!! As a celebration we made this little clip:

    Thanks to everyone for watching our videos and supporting our magic demoing efforts. Now I have to get to work on making the next 500 videos.

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  • JB July Update #1

    Posted on July 3, 2009 by chris ballinger

    This drawing keeps getting bigger and bigger. As more of you add JB Products to your cart the Geeks are going to keep adding killer prizes to the giveaway. So I'm going to post these little updates as things progress and we get closer to drawing our winners.

    We're going to keep adding awesome new JB Products to the list as the raffle unfolds. Just this week we added six new tricks from the JB Line. To check out the full list click HERE.

    For the official rules on the JB July Giveaway, click HERE.

    Please keep your questions and comments coming so that I know what to update you on in the future. Thanks everybody.

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  • Summer Giveaway

    Posted on July 1, 2009 by chris ballinger

    Magic Geek and JB Magic have joined forces to bring you the hottest giveaway of the summer. Please watch the video below for an overview:

    JB Magic products have a reputation for using clever, visual gimmicks that have a huge value for the price. We’ve collected the whole JB Magic Line onto one page which can be found by clicking the link below.


    Every time you order a product off of Magic Geek’s JB Magic list, your name goes into the Top Hat of Winners. There is no limit to how many times your name goes into the hat, so the more JB Magic that you buy the more chances you have to win. After all of the July orders are processed, we will draw winners on video and you could win the grand prize.

    There’s almost a thousand dollars worth of prizes up for grabs which include two autographed tricks off of Mark Mason’s new Elite Line, a limited edition Magic Geek Flex Fit Cap, T-Shirts, Gift Certificates, and let’s not forget the grand prize: A limited edition Come Fly with Me made with real Morgan Silver Dollars signed by the creator Mark Mason and made out to YOU!

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