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Coin Magic Starter Kit

Posted on May 5, 2009 by chris ballinger There have been 2 comment(s)

A lot of people ask us what to get for a beginner that is interested in a particular genre of magic. That's why we decided to do a brand new blog series called "Starter Kits". In each entry we will recommend a Book, a DVD, a Self-Working Trick, an Intermediate Trick, and a Routine that you should work on. This week we're going to take a look at Coin Magic, so let's get started.

Book: Modern Coin Magic
For decades this book has been the go-to manuscript for the serious coin magician. It covers everything from the basic techniques to available gimmicks, to full routines. If you want to get a full education on coin tricks, this book is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.


DVD: Easy to Master Money Miracles
Okay, so this isn't just one DVD and it's not strictly coin magic, but this series brings together the easiest and most amazing money routines out there. Micheal Ammar is known for his ability to teach; and why not learn a few dollar bill tricks while you're studying coin magic?


Self-Working Trick: Dime and Penny/Scotch and Soda
This is an easy, yet versatile gimmick that fools everybody. I personally like using the Dime and Penny version better because the gimmicks seem more innocent. But both versions are beautifully made and can be used in a variety of routines.


Intermediate Gimmick: Coin in Bottle
This is another gimmick that will give you a lot of routine possibilities. What makes the Coin in the Bottle so valuable is the fact that you will learn invaluable sleights like palms and switches that can be used with other tricks as your skills develop.


Routine: Coins Across/Matrix
The basic effect is that a few coins will travel invisibly from one hand to the other. All the sleights that you'll need to perform this effect can be found in Modern Coin Magic. But if you want to get fancy, you can learn one of the sleek Matrix routines covered on the Coin Matrix DVD.

If you study each of the things listed in this list, you will be well on your way to becoming a great coin magician. The easier gimmicks and tricks will build your confidence and the more advanced routines and sleights will challenge you and give you great satisfaction.

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2 Responses to Coin Magic Starter Kit

  • Casey
    Casey says:

    this starter kit is absolutely great. You will get the most from the book JB Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. It has everything you need to know on anything about coin magic plus some author's notes that are fascinating to read. For 10 bucks on this book, I cant see how anyone could pass this up. Excellent choices Magic Geek!

    Posted on May 5, 2009 at 6:03 am

  • will
    will says:

    I got coin in bottle. It's realy easy and realy effective. Must get it.

    Posted on May 13, 2009 at 10:35 am