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Monthly Archives: March 2009

  • Twitter Account

    Posted on March 20, 2009 by chris ballinger

    Magic Geek now has its very own Twitter account. Please click the image below to check it out.


    We are always posting new tweets about upcoming events, new products, the latest video demos, and much more. It is becoming the fastest and easiest way to get the latest news on what's happening here at Magic Geek. Check it out and become a follower today!

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  • What's the Difference - Part 8

    Posted on March 19, 2009 by chris ballinger

    We've been adding tons of new magic every week and some of the stuff is a little similar. So I wanted to take a second and take a look at some of the new "Stop Anywhere" effects. In these tricks cards are dealt out to a point where a spectator desires and the card at that position matches a prediction.

    Future Zone by Mark Mason
    This is an excellent version of the effect. The spectator really can stop you anywhere and the method is simple yet clever. The only downside is that the prediction must be kept in an envelope within a wallet, which some spectators might find suspicious. But for a no-sleight stop anywhere effect, this is pretty close to perfect; and it resets instantly.


    Intuition by Hondo and David Leon:
    This is probably the closest you will get to the real thing. The spectator decides on a random number, counts to that number in the deck and it matches the prediction. The prediction can be anywhere: dangling from the ceiling, taped to a wall, tattooed to your arm (now there's some commitment.) At first I was concerned about the fact that the entire deck must be counted out (which can cause a lull in your show) but if it’s done right, it can add some suspense to the reveal. Also the reset is quite a process and it is not explained anywhere on the DVD. That being said, it does look like a real miracle and if you have time between performances to reset the trick, it will get a huge response from your audience.


    Perfect by Mark Mason:
    Some magicians don't give up on an idea until they've explored all possibilities. You'll notice that Mark Mason has put out two very similar effects, but both have a very different method. Perfect doesn't have a prediction on display, instead it uses the fact that every card in the deck has a mate (a card of the same denomination and color.) This gives the routine a bit more of an off-the-cuff look to it and diminishes the suspicion of gimmicks. So there is a toss-up there: no dramatic envelope unsealing for a cleaner and innocent handling.


    Just like with any other magic trick, the important thing is to see what will fit your style the best. If you need a high impact prediction with no limitations on reset times, Intuition might be your best bet. If you are table-hopping and need a quick reset, Future Zone might be just the ticket. Either way, the "Stop Anywhere" effect has been sought after and refined for decades because it is a powerful effect that ensures big reactions from anyone watching.

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