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Making the Demos

Posted on October 26, 2007 by chris ballinger There have been 1 comment(s)

The goals of the videos are to show you exactly what the effect looks like when done in a performance setting. Here's how we did it:

Step 1:
Learn the Trick. As with all magic, if there was something that we didn't already perform, we had to learn it and then practice until it could be performed flawlessly. There were also cases where I (Chris) had made up my own handling and patter for tricks. We went back over all the original instructions to make sure that nothing was performed any differently than the way you would learn the trick.

Step 2:
The Set-Up. We used two lighting kits, a lapel microphone, and a Canon GL-2 digital camera. A TV was hooked up as a monitor so I could check his angles and make sure everything was centered correctly. A black backdrop and dark clothing was used so that there was nothing distracting from the magic.

Step 3:
The Assistants. For a lot of the tricks, we had to make a point that there was a free selection or examinable props, so we brought in a few of our friends to help out. These demos were filmed with one take to get their real reactions. We want to give a little shout-out and thank you to Brooke Clark; Chris' sisters, Colleen and Rachel; Brian's wife, Lynne; and his kids Ava and Wyatt for helping out with a few of the demos.

Step 4:
Editing. We wanted the editing to be very simple. Cuts were kept to a minimum and only used to change angles for a better view of the trick. Not wanting to waste anyone's time, the format is quick: title, effect, where you can get it. A lot of people browse the internet with their sound off. So, if we could get away with it, we opted to show the effect without patter; just laying down some music instead.

Step 5:
File Management. Clear, high-quality video takes up a lot of file space. If you post files that big on a website, it would take forever to upload to your computer. We used a file squeezing program to keep the quality up and the file size down. The small file is then uploaded to YouTube and embedded on our site.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the videos, let us know. We want to make shopping for magic easier and more personal, so we'll try to accommodate in any way we can.

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1 Response to Making the Demos

  • Hristo
    Hristo says:

    your videos helped me a lot. and congratulations for performing them right!!

    Posted on February 4, 2008 at 12:19 am