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Back Twist by Mathieu Bich

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    Back Twist by Mathieu Bich is easy to perform... If you can turn a card face up, you can perform Back Twist!

    The Effect:
    Four blue-backed cards visually change into four redbacked cards one by one. At the end both sides of every card can be shown freely.

    Trick Specifications:
    3 different handlings are explained on the DVD. You will learn the Easy Handling ( no sleights), the standard handling, and the "advanced" handling. You'll get the DVD and Special USPC Cards cards you need to be able to perform this amazing effect... Note that the Easy handling is also described in the flyer inside the DVD.

    Skill Level: Easy

    Category: Card Trick.

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  • Customer Reviews

    Review by Brad
    Ease Of Use
    Top quatlity magic and a very baffling, very visual, beautiful to watch effect.
    Do not expect to learn the Asher Twist from this DVD. The Asher Twist is a challenging sleight and I believe it is simply unrealistic to think you can learn it as part of Back Twist.
    Indeed the reason I bought Back Twist was to force me to revisit the Asher Twist, something with which I have been experimenting for several years.
    The DVD is very clear and easy to follow. If it is true that the cards wear out, then the cost of new cards is not prohibitive, nor should it be difficult to make your own set of new Back Twist cards. a (Posted on 5/6/13)
    Review by Dr Filth
    Ease Of Use
    Takes a lot of practice to be convincing, but a great trick. The audience thinks they know how it's done untill the twist at the end leaves them without a clue! (Posted on 11/11/12)
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