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Animate and Restore

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    With Jesse Feinberg's Animate and Restore the classic Torn and Restored Card just came to life.

    The Effect:
    You received a weird, rare, possibly illegal "Card Puzzle" in the mail. You open the envelope and pour out four torn card pieces onto your normal deck.

    And now for the strangest thing you've ever seen...

    Slowly, gradually, hauntingly, the pile of torn pieces come to life!

    Each piece starts to creep and twist and turn on top of the deck... as they gradually assemble themselves into the shape of a complete card!

    And yes...the card is restored, examinable and can be given away.

    Recommended For:
    Anyone who enjoys visual pieces of strange.

    Trick Specifications:
    You're supplied with special gimmicks and instructional DVD.

    -A & R Gimmick is completely self-contained on the envelope.
    -Nothing attached to the body or deck
    -Perform any time your feel like it.
    -Normal deck is clean and completely unprepared.
    -Re-sets in seconds
    -Easy to do.
    -No palming

    Skill Level: Easy.
    Category: Card Trick.

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