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    An easy to do effect that requires no sleight of hand.

    The Effect:
    Two cards are freely selected and are then replaced into a shuffled deck. The deck is ribbon spread face down across the table, and a spectator takes an advertising card and freely inserts it into the spread, wherever she desires. The spread is flipped face up and the two cards on either side of the advertising card are the selections!

    Recommended For:
    In addition to being a fantastic stab effect, Ad-jacent can also be used as an easy, fool-proof way of forcing two cards on a spectator.

    Trick Specifications:
    Comes complete with specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock made by The United States Playing Card Company!

    Skill Level:Easy.
    Category: Card Tricks.

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    Review by ilovemagicgeek
    Ease Of Use
    I Love The Gaffs Super Easy To Do. You Should Deninetly Get This Trick. (Posted on 10/15/11)
    Review by bobalon711
    Ease Of Use
    I Know A Different Version Of This Trick But This One Is A Lot Better. I Don'T Know If I Want To Buy This Or Not (Posted on 6/7/10)
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