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Abracapocus Issue 1 - DVD

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    Presenting Abracapocus: the magic magazine on a DVD, don't just read about it, watch it!

    Magic is a visual artform, and what better way to present a magic magazine than on a visual media. See reviews, demonstrations and more come to life like they never could on the pages of a standard magazine.

    In the first issue, we deal with talking points such as Magic vs the Internet and get our teeth into reviews including The Sleightclub Podcast and Michael Paul's Show no Mercy PDF.

    Every issue we'll be cramming our DVDs with more of what YOU want to see, so be sure to send in your ideas as to what we can add to our magazine.

    Our mission is to bring the world magic scene closer together using a media which lends itself naturally to magic.

    What's in the current issue?

    Amongst other things:
    • Audio 101 (plugging in mp3 player into your amp)
    • Magic vs. The Internet
    • 2006 MCA weekend
    • Reviews (Sleightclub podcast and Michael Pauls "show no mercy" pdf)

    Running Time Approximately 40min

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