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52X Deck by Bob Miller - Trick

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    Any card is freely named. It is the only card marked with an 'X'.

    Notes: Only one deck is used. Any card can be named, even a Joker. No re-setting required. Always ready to go. It really is a hand-drawn 'X', drawn with a permanent marker. It's a new, modern twist on the Invisible Deck trick.

    This is what the backs of all the cards look like.

    This trick uses the 52 on 1 Deck. But I've tricked it out to make this super-easy to do.

    Note: 50% of the time, the regular face of the card is marked with a large 'X'. The other times, the mini-image on the back of the card is marked with an 'X'.

    But, either way, the named card is the only one with an 'X'!!!!
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