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3-Dean Trilogy by Dean Dill - DVD

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    Magic's Best Kept Secret

    After nearly two decades of entertaining with magic, Dean again shares some of the finest material in his repertoire. He's not only a superb close-up artist, but also a sought after teacher consultant and lecturer. He has taught such people as: David Copperfield and Johnny Carson, and has appeared on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson. Dean now invites you to join him in his intimate world of coin magic volume set.

    Volume 1 - Intimate Coin Miracles

    This video contains some of the most refined and innovative coin magic in the world. Dean carefully explains each routine including his famous, X-plosion effect. Just one of these powerful routines is worth the price of the video, but we're sure you'll use more than just one.

    • New Simple MATRIX
    • Simple MATRIX Backfire
    • Chink-A-Dink
    • No Extras
    • 4-2-2
    • Coins, Glass & Silk
    • X-Plosion
    Volume 2 - Intimate Close-up Miracles

    Intimate Close-up Miracles is a collection of some of Dean's finest close-up effects with cards, coins, dice, rope, and bills. The perfect companion to the Intimate Coin Miracles video.

    • DO or 'Dice'
    • Pennies from Heaven
    • Jamie's Trick
    • Plastrik Card
    • Plastrik Coin
    • Doug's Favorite & Beyond
    • Sweet & Dough
    • Hart's Link
    Volume 3 - Coin Magic 2000

    Dean's back with 9 new tricks for the new millennium, including several innovations on his favorite routine to tinker with: the Matrix. Also included is Dean's unbelievable Call Shot, and his handling of Coins Through Table.

    • Call Shot
    • Trans-Mission-Impossible
    • Journey MATRIX
    • Journey MATRIX backfire
    • Coins through Table
    • Dinner Napkin
    • Roths-child
    • Peter Mal's Brainstorm
    • Now, sit back and enjoy
    Disc 1 Running Time Approximately 66min

    Disc 2 Running Time Approximately 86min

    Disc 3 Running Time Approximately 80min
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